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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sturm und Drang On The Right Over Miers: Some Predictions!

Harriet resigned, as predicted. She lasted three weeks instead of two. While Bush appears to have caved in to the Right, I still believe this defeat will cause him to retaliate, in some form, against Frum, Norquist et al, the Trolls who brought Harriet down. I can dream, can't I?

O the weeping and wailing and the gnashing of teeth from the Trolls over president Bush's nomination of White House Counsel Harriet Miers to replace Justice O'Connor.

It has the all the markings of a tropical depression. It is a storm feeding upon itself, drawing heat from the waters even as the coolness at the edge of the air mass churns around it's center, causing the highly compressed air to spin the self-defined mass around and around and around....

The Right-Wing is filled with tiny storms centers: the egomaniacal and agenda-layered air masses that hover just out of reach of shore, hoping to catch a wave, perhaps, or more. There is the scrawny storm-shrike Ann, there is bilious blowhard Pat, and the lispy wind-shear David--all raging in foamy fury about this terrible, terrible thing that George W. Bush hath done: he nominated a Supreme Court Justice without consulting them!

Ann Coulter sniffs about Harriet Miers "..mediocrity";
Pat Buchanen bleats that she is neither brilliant nor qualified;
David Frum whines that she is a "...taut, nervous, anxious personality".

All analyses, ironically, are dead-on self-descriptions.

I PREDICT that the Trolls will continue to whip themselves into a lather, then into a whirlwind, then into a hurricane that will threaten to lay waste to what remains of Bush's credibility.

I PREDICT that, within two weeks or so, that Harriet Miers will withdraw. She will be so brutally beaten up by the extremists at the edges of the Bush base that she will no longer be able to abide the abuse.

I PREDICT that Karl Rove will come to Bush on October 18th or 19th and tell his increasingly bitter and isolated president that the Storm on the Right has now become dangerous and life-threatening.

I PREDICT that Karl will have Miers' signed Letter of Withdrawal already prepared.

WHEN THE NEWS OF HARRIET MIERS' WITHDRAWAL is announced, the Trolls will cheer a victory against their president's better instincts and the sound of the Right-Wing Troll blood-dance will thunder from the hills...

Take a moment to consider this consequence of your hubris. Harriet is a friend of the president. This is something HE wants. By denying him this, I PREDICT that you will force him, finally, after five years in office, to become a REAL president--not just one he plays on T.V.--independent of you and your influence.

Wouldn't THAT be interesting?

Let the Sturm und Drang begin...


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