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Sunday, February 17, 2013

School Voucher Supporter Learns "Religion" Does NOT Mean "Christian"

Naw, Vouchers aren't a Great Right-Wing Christian Conspiracy. A Louisiana State Legislator nearly had meowlings when she learned that "religion" meant "religion" and not "Christian". Oh my... Louisiana state representatives were shocked to find that opening taxpayer funding to religious institutions actually meant all religions. Louisiana Representative Valarie Hodges, (R-Watson), nearly pulled her support of the bill when she found out the funding could be used to support Muslim schools (although the Muslim schools that originally applied have since removed their applications – this year). Representative Hodges mistakenly believed that the term “religious” only meant “Christian.”

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lindsey explains that she's just the same ol' Lindsey but with an R instead of a D. No big deal, right? Lindsey still believes in choice and education and a strong economic future for Alaska. Her "just l'il Ole me" thesis breaks apart when one notes that this isn't about 'Lindsey'. Although 'Lindsey' IS her favorite subject, it really, really isn't about her. She just gave Chenault a 'super-majority': 30 of them and 10 of the others looks a lot like 3/4 to me. She is about to learn what Super-Majorities can do. They can defund Planned Parenthood. They can raid the Constitutional Budget Reserve to fund government whilst giving away billions to Exxon, BP, and Conoco, they can dump every environmental and commerce regulation on the books and turn Alaska into a Right-to-Work State and they won't even have to consult with Lindsey on any of it. That's the beauty of Super-Majorities: they can move from first reading to the floor vote in days. While Lindsey is checking out her new Republican look in the mirror, the 'values' that she claims to believe in will be shuttled into the dumpster by her Committee Chairs. Smooth move, Ex-Lax (as my Brother used to say when we younger siblings did something really stupid). SEE Compass: Lindsey Holmes talks about her decision to switch parties