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Thursday, June 24, 2010

POLITICO: Palin allies launch new legal defense fund, citing 'witch hunt' - Ben Smith - Palin allies launch new legal defense fund, citing 'witch hunt'

More manufactured victimization to enrage and inspire the weak-minded members of her Cult. This ought to be good for a few hundred thousand. "Look, there's Sarah on that crushed velvet cross looking so hot and martyry...Ok...pout...*click* Perfect, Sarah, now dismount from the cross and go shopping for some new shoes!"

Gulf oil spill: Boat captain, despondent over spill, commits suicide

Gulf oil spill: Boat captain, despondent over spill, commits suicide

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Conservative media defend BP against “shakedowns,” “show trials,” and environmentalists at least 62 times « The Fifth Column

Conservative media defend BP against “shakedowns,” “show trials,” and environmentalists at least 62 times « The Fifth Column

The Republicans, rather their 'Conservative' media echo chamber, are proving themselves to be like the Price Regent in the Blackadder series, oblivious to the most obvious of things that concern the rest of us. After years of 'riding shotgun' in the gold-plated National Security stretch-Hummer whilst regarding environmental concerns as so much political road-kill, Conservatives are failing to adapt to a 'New Reality' on the political ground. On 4.20.10 Americans suddenly woke up to another enemy attacking our shores and 'National Security' and the 'Environment' suddenly converged. Tone deaf conservatives need to park the Hummer and get out and walk. This is a new war and a new Reality.

Great Anti-Meg Whitman Ad..."A" for Creativity.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Thank you for contacting me. If you need immediate assistance please call my Washington office at 202.225.2002

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shades of Exxon V Baker: Transocean Invokes Maritime Law To Limit Liability

[Image to left by Carolyn Kaster / The Associated Press of Steven Newman, president and CEO of Transocean Limited, testifies during a House subcommittee hearing on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.]

The article below ran May 13, 2010 and I missed it. I wrote an article that ran in the Anchorage Daily News a couple of years ago objecting to the Supreme Court's decision in Exxon v Baker to permit the Circuit Court decision to stand that allowed Exxon attorneys to introduce ex post facto a new argument in the case: this very same limitation of liability now being requested by Deepwater Horizon Ltd. Will BP's attorneys be far behind in invoking this same precedent set by Exxon? I think not. All the while, of course, their PR shop will be telling the world that they will 'do the right thing' for the victims of the disaster. In the Exxon case, Professor Arthur Miller of the New York University School of Law, an expert in court procedure, filed an amicus brief objecting to the action of the Circuit Court in allowing the introduction by Exxon attorneys after the deadline for such new or amended legal argument had passed. Miller asked the SCOTUS to set aside the limitation on liability based upon the very argument now being advanced by Deepwater Horizon. Of course the Roberts Court ignored Professor Miller's plea and reduced Exxon's liability to a dime on the dollar of the original jury award.

It does not take a law degree or much of a legal imagination to guess where the Roberts Court's thumb will be applied upon the scales of justice when the BP gangsters and their consigliore finally reach their SCOTUS safe-house and the motherly embrace of Mama Scalia.
SCOTT HIAASEN, McClatchy Newspapers

MIAMI -- Reaching back to an 1851 law, the legal push to limit liability for the 2010 oil spill has begun. Transocean, Ltd., the Switzerland-based offshore contractor that owned the Deepwater Horizon floating drilling rig, has asked a federal court in Houston to limit its liability from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to less than $27 million.

Invoking a little-known maritime law passed in 1851, the company said it should not have to pay any more than the salvage value of the charred oil rig and its freight, all of which sank in 5,000 feet of water after the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers. Before the accident, the Deepwater Horizon was valued at more than $500 million.

In a statement, Transocean said the court petition was filed at the request of its insurance companies, and the petition will allow the company to consolidate all outstanding lawsuits before a single federal judge in Houston. The company said it now faces more than 100 lawsuits over the spill in several states.

Lawyers for those injured in the blast said the petition could also prevent any claims filed more than six months after the accident.

"It's very unfair," said Matthew Shaffer, a Houston attorney who represents a handful of Transocean employees injured in the blast. "It's a slap in the face to anyone who has been injured because of their negligence."

Transocean's filing comes as the Obama administration and Congress seek to retroactively raise liability limits that would cap the cost BP, the runaway well's owner, would have to pay. The current limit is $75 million. Some members of Congress have proposed raising that to $10 billion.

Shaffer said Transocean must prove it did nothing wrong to cause the accident in order to successfully limit its damages.

"I think it's hard to believe they didn't have any knowledge of what was going on on their own rig," Shaffer said.


(c) 2010, The Miami Herald.

Huge Mineral Find in Afghanistan

Maybe Pebble isn't so attractive anymore.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riki Ott: From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence

Riki Ott: From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence
BP and the "North To The Future" Foundation gave the University of Alaska a million dollars to archive Ted Stevens' boxes of papers. Thank you, BP. I wonder why they liked Ted Stevens so much? Anyway...interesting report from Dr. Ott.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Next Stage of Human Evolution: A Unitary Consciousness

Let's picture an orb.

We can travel around it like a sun, but this orb is so dense that the equilibrium of the escape velocity of light equals v(1/v+1), meaning that the quantum of resistance is some factor greater than the velocity of light. Gases and the elemental layers are divided by their specific gravity and compressed so greatly that isotropic static from electrons in excess of the quantum equilibrium of each layer form rings at the borders between the layers. This means that light is refracted along these layers with the effect of a venetian blind. As we travel around, glimmers of light fractals--colored by the spectral characteristics of the isotropic layers—offer sparkling contrast to the dominant bands of absolute blackness.

The other thing we notice is that 'matter' from nearby satellites is being drawn like so many dust devils into the orb. The base of the dust devil being somewhere in the black bands and the top edge of the vortex roughly the diameter of the individual satellites that are getting sucked in.

A graphic novelist might imagine Aunt Hattie’s house and all of its furnishings ‘falling upwards’ toward the sky, along with that beautiful grove of poplars that we remember climbing as a child…up by their roots and into the swirling vortex toward the orb. Dear Aunt Hattie, herself, might be pictured by the artist in the foreground holding her Sunday hat in place looking somewhat like the model for Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Oh my, Auntie, we might cry out, you are falling into a great big hole! And there you have the most important visual clue to understanding our universe and how it ticks. Holes are geometric orbs suspended in space, not flat holes in the ground like the one into which Alice fell.

The geocentrism and biocentrism of us humans are revealed when we read about black holes; we habitually think of the simple gravity model of earth rather than envision the complex gravity of space. Yet we know that a black hole isn't a hole torn through our space when we can actually see the penumbra of a black hole through Hubble optics. The existence of a galactic backdrop tells us that back holes aren’t like holes in the boat; they are orbs suspended in space.

Doctor Robert Lanza’s observations about the “biocentrism” of the human observer are profound and liberating. Our biology provides a limited and imperfect lens through which we understand the universe. Even wonderful devices like the Hubble telescope, merely make our imperfections more precise. Philosophers have examined this issue of how we know and whether we can know since ancient times. They call this field of analysis epistemology. Dr. Lanza adds to that ancient discussion.

I believe the limits of our own biocentrism argue for the role of the artist and the poet in the fields of deepest scientific inquiry. Transcendent vision and intuitive leaps come from outside the biological lens. Carl Jung once wondered if the ecstatic visioning of the mystics might presage an evolutionary development of human consciousness when a unitary and not a fragmented awareness of the universe will be “normal”.

Maybe one day we will have a ‘technology of the sacred’ and ‘visionary’ engineering to aid in our survival and happiness.

Perhaps that day is closer than we dinosaurs may suspect.

Abby Sunderland is alive and apparently safe aboard her damaged sailboat

Abby Sunderland is alive and apparently safe aboard her damaged sailboat
Great news!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP Logo Redesign Contest (PHOTOS)

BP Logo Redesign Contest (PHOTOS)

I LOVE this!

Abby Sunderland Feared Lost At Sea

Abby Sunderland Feared Lost At Sea

This is terrible. If you believe in it, pray for her...


BP's Continued Denial Of Underwater Plumes Provokes Ridicule

by Dan Froomkin

An oceanographer just back from two weeks of taking water samples in the Gulf of Mexico told a House panel on Wednesday that BP officials are utterly wrong to keep saying there are no large masses of oil lurking below the surface.

"I think part of the problem is that it depends on what the definition of 'large' is," said Samantha Joye, a senior marine scientist at the University of Georgia. "I don't know what their definition of large is, but I'll bet it's not the same as mine."
Joye's instruments, deployed from a University of Miami research vessel, the Walton Smith, detected both the presence of oil and the depletion of oxygen in very deep water -- 900 to 1200 meters below the surface -- in a plume five to eight miles away from the leak site. As she explained in an interview: "All of the sensors we have to pick up oil and its various components go crazy in the plume."

Lab results from one of the first research vessels doing subsurface tests found only minor concentrations of oil, but Joye, who is expecting test results back shortly, said her samples will inevitably show more than that. "These stank to high heaven," she said. "They smelled like creosote, asphalt and diesel.""These plumes are real," she said, "and it's not just oil." Joye, who blogged her research, said she is also very concerned about the concentrations of methane and other gases, such as ethane, propane, butane and pentane, in the water.

BP officials have routinely tried to wave off the notion that much of the oil spewed from their blown out well is suspended in the water column, killing wide swaths of sea-life in the short run, and possibly endangering coastlines for decades to come.

The latest denial came Wednesday morning as BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles told NBC "we haven't found any large concentrations of oil under the sea, and to my knowledge no one has."
But Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey, whose House Energy subcommittee held Wednesday's briefing, said afterward in a statement to the Huffington Post: "It's said that sound travels for miles underwater, yet BP continues to be completely deaf when it comes to warnings from scientists about these underwater plumes. NOAA has found them. Independent scientists have seen them, even smelled them. When will BP finally listen?"
Another witness before Markey's subcommittee had actually taken a swim through underwater oil -- though much closer to the surface. Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of the famous oceanographer, showed members of Congress video of his dive through "swirls of this orange, toxic soup" that he described as "one of the most horrible things I've ever seen underwater."

The Obama administration, while at long last officially confirming the presence of some underwater oil, is still not exactly going out of its way to contradict BP, either. At a press briefing yesterday, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen insisted that, rather than plume, "a cloud is a better term."

Joye dismissed the distinction between clouds and plumes as "semantics."

In her presentation, she pointed out that the deepwater oxygen depletion caused by the plume could well be a much longer lasting problem than oxygen depletion close to the surface, which can be replenished by photosynthesis and fast currents. Deepwater "dead zones" could last for years -- "likely decades."

And Joye called on NOAA to get more resources out onto the gulf to measure subsea oil. "I think they need dozens of ships."

But more than anything, she said, what scientists need to know is precisely how much oil and gas has leaked. Neither BP nor the Obama administration have been forthcoming on that front. Joye wrote:

It is virtually impossible to understand or quantify the ecological consequences of the BP blowout on the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem without knowing how much oil and gas has leaked from the wellhead. These numbers need to be estimated and corroborated independently based on available observational data. Unfortunately, the leak rate was not quantified robustly during the first month of the spill (at least that information has not been made publically available). Unless we know how much oil is leaking from the wellhead, we cannot gauge the full extent of the ecological consequences in deepwater or surface water environments. For example, how much deepwater water column oxygen consumption will be fueled by this influx of oil and gas? Which water column microbial communities will be stimulated by oil and gas? What is the time scale of this response? How will surface water microbial communities respond to surface oil and gas inputs? Potential fishery, marine mammal, and wildlife consequences of the BP blowout cannot be properly predicted until we know the magnitude of the disaster. To put it bluntly, the scientific community is hamstrung until we know precisely how much oil and gas has leaked and is leaking from the wellhead.
Or, as she put it to HuffPost: "We need to get that number!"
© 2010 Huffington Post

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mayor Dan & The Wing Nut: Moves on the Political Chessboard

David William Bronson has a profile that the profiler in "24" would say screams of Right-Wing nuttery.

Bronson was born in Wisconsin, as famous for its "treaty beer" and militias as it is for great football and a top flight State University system. Wisconsin has given birth to the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is Fightin' Bob LaFollette the founder of the progressive wing of the Republican Party. The GOP was founded in Ripon, WI. The Ripon Society is a centrist think-tank with roots in the progressive era. The bad is Joseph McCarthy who defeated LaFollette in the 1946 Primary for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Joseph ("Have-You-No-Decency-Sir") McCarthy who will forever be associated with political witch hunts and scurrilous tactics was a pure Wisconsin product. And finally, the ugly: racism. The mash-up of rural parochialism and the urban blue-collar class led to racial clashes as the post-WWII in-migration of non-white groups occurred. The hard-cobbled Scandinavian, Scot and German farm folk were alienated by the events of the 60s and early 70s. The appeal of the Nixon-Agnew politics of polarization was intense and the racial and class resentments that simmered just below the surface burst forth in the 1970s and 1980s over Native American Treaty Rights. My own Tribe, the Lac du Flambeau Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa in Northeast Wisconsin was right in the middle of the conflict. The LDF Band was asserting their spear-fishing rights on the lakes contiguous to their Reservation. This activity was consistent with the Treaty of 1857 and the LDF did not recognize the right of the State of Wisconsin to regulate a Government-to-Government Federal-Tribal fishery. The acrimony by the Whites was shocking. The demonstrations by White hunters and fishermen were particularly violent. Shots were fired at spear fishers. Boats vandalized and sunk, cars damaged, tires slashed. Physical threats and intimidation were used against Tribal members. Wisconsin Tribal members were called "Tree-N*gg*rs" by the protesters and anti-Treaty organizers were funded by outside hunting and fishing groups who saw the exercise of Tribal Treaty Rights as an assault on their freedoms and liberties.

It was in this ugly period of racial confrontation and political polarization that Mr. Bronson, Dan Sullivan's nominee to the School Budget Advisory Commission came of age, graduating from high school in 1976 and from college in 1981. Hunting and fishing are listed on his resume as his principal interests. I just wonder how he feels about Alaska Natives and Alaska History and School Within Schools and Bi-Lingual Bi-Cultural Education.

Better be careful with any word that begins with "Bi" because one thing we do know about Mr. Bronson is that he opposes the civil rights of Bisexuals, along with Gay and Transgendered citizens.

There is nothing in David Bronson's resume that reveals an interest in education. What it does tell me is that this guy has a clear political agenda; his educational agenda is not so clear. According to Mudflats Blog, Bronson home-schooled his children, meaning that his relationship to public education has been exclusionary.

So why does a person whose interests are hunting and fishing, whose civic activities have been focused on opposing civil rights for Gay citizens, whose political engagement is church-based and whose relationship to education has been home schooling suddenly gets the itch to be on the School Budget Advisory Commission?

And why did Dan Sullivan suddenly get an itch to plug a political commando from the Anchorage Baptist Temple into a Commission whose subject he has no interest or expertise?

Ahhhh, politics. Sullivan is as obvious and crude a player at the art of politics as they come.

The person Mr. Bronson will be replacing on the School Budget Advisory Commission is Elizabeth Valesquez. Last month Ms Valesquez was appointed to the Mayor's Municipal Budget Advisory Commission. Republican friends have told us that Dan Sullivan is positioning Ms Vasquez to run against Harriet Drummond, the popular West Anchorage City Assembly Member who has been a thorn in the side of the Mayor. Political observers recall how much mileage Adam Trombley got out of HIS stint on the Municipal Budget Advisory and Republican friends say that the Mayor intends to do the same with Valesquez.

The Republicans and Mr. Sullivan have their eye on the School Board for a couple of good reasons. First, they want more control over the School District Budget. The District Budget is larger than the City's and real control by the Mayor's pals over the hundreds of millions of dollars spent for goods and services in the city can't be asserted until the School District is brought to heel. Second, the political reality of the School District is that it is disciplined and well-managed meaning that the anti-government types who fester in the swamps of Republican LaLa Land have a hard time getting elected. Don Smith's election was a fluke, which is obviated by the nearly 2:1 number of votes that his two progressive opponents got in that contest. The decision by well-liked retired educator Tommy O'Malley to jump into the race after James LaBelle signed up and split the sane voting block is one that will touch raw nerves for years to come.

Nevertheless, conversations with some school board members reveal a general concern with Don Smith's agenda: make trouble, raise Hell, stir the pot, obstruct and basically disrupt School Board meetings until he can get fellow Right-Wing ideologues on the Board to make an effective minority. Smith's refusal to sign a conflict of interest pledge because he wants to oppose School Budgets before the Assembly makes him a hero to Sullivan and the Mayor wants to send in fresh troops to help Don Smith. Up next Spring are a few seats on the School Board and we can expect to see Don Smith's political locker partner, Bob Griffin, to be on tap. One School Board Member who is up next time told me that Bob Griffin is a "horrible ideologue" and part of the Pulpit-driven team fielded by the Anchorage Baptist Temple and ChangePoint-Alaska. Griffin lost, but he will be back. Mayor Sullivan wants to make sure, through this appointment, that David William Bronson will on the ballot as well.

The following is a list of 2 years of notes and commentary that I have posted on Facebook. In going over this list--as part of my garage cleaning in preparation for shutting down--I realize a few things: I have a lot to say and I put in a lot of work saying it and Facebook sucks as a medium of serious expression. The fact that FB notes does not permit rich text is one example of FB's limits. I pasted the formatted text into this box and voila! no formatting, unless I want to waste an hour putting in html tags. No thank you. :(

My very first post on FB was a note about our servile relationship to technology and the law; in this case: leaf blowers. I had some photos of contract lawn maintenance workers at Wells-Fargo leaf-blowing in the rain! And there were no leaves! WTF? I asked. Response: it's in the contract. In other words: we are legally obligated to behave stupidly.

My favorite post was April 2009 on When Life Is Only Sacred In The Womb: The Folly of Life as a Political Abstraction. Harriet and I attended a Planned Parenthood Awards Banquet at the Hilton and we had to negotiate a picket line from the Fetus Cult. This post constituted my thoughts on the matter.

My bravest post was on September 13, 2008 when I stood outside the newly opened Dena'ina Center at 7 AM facing hundreds of Palin Supporters welcoming their favorite daughter home after two weeks of non-stop media exposure. I was alone, holding a sign next to the entrance where people had to file past me to get in. My sign said STOP THE McCAIN-PALIN LIES! I memorialized my experience.

My dumbest post was an attempt to rally my friends for International Talk Like A Pirate Day using the likeness of Sister (Mother) Angelica, a Nun wearing an eye-patch and a snarl. I was later informed that Sister Angelica had suffered from a stroke, lost her sight in the eye with the patch and snarl was muscular atrophy. I ate a HARRRty dose of humble pie for that one.

My most frustrating piece was a December 8th post--on my Birthday--countering a Compass piece by Dan Sullivan. I was frustrated that no one in the opposition seemed to be aggressively challenging Sullivan. He is wrong on the economics and wrong on the history and simply wrong on the budget assumptions that was driving what promised to be a disastrous fiscal plan for the City. Bringing in a budget $10 M under the cap was just plain wrong. Of course history has proven me right. Woop-de-doo.

My least understood note was 12 Dialectical Precepts for a Meditation on the Future of Alaska that I posted October 2009. Silly rabbit.

Most fun was had with a piece simply titled "Mosquitoes" that ran July 3, 2009.

But the best post is this one. My last one.

Miigwetch y'all

Goodbye to Facebook...Jun 6, 2010 My Sympathy Note to Jill Burke of "Palin Watch" (Alaska Dispatch)May 15, 2010 Comments on KTVA website accompanying Sarah Palin's Fox video feed, which they dutifully post Apr 28, 2010 On Muster, McVeigh, Bullies, & Chutzpah Apr 20, 2010 Letter in support of Assembly Resolution No. AR 2010-92 (independent legal counsel investigation of Sullivan Trust matter) Apr 13, 2010 The Full Indictment of David Brian Stone et al Mar 29, 2010 "Big Earl" & The Alaska Media-Cartoon Circa 1979 Mar 24, 2010 PLEASE READ & PASS ON: The Benefits of Health Care Reform In Alaska! Mar 22, 2010 IMMEDIATE BENEFITS UNDER THE ACT THAT JUST PASSED! Mar 21, 2010 E-Mail From A Citizen On The Sullivan Insurance Boondoggle Mar 7, May 15 My Sympathy Note to Jill Burke of "Palin Watch" (Alaska Dispatch) Apr 28 Comments on KTVA website accompanying Sarah Palin's Fox video feed, which they dutifully post Apr 20 On Muster, McVeigh, Bullies, & Chutzpah Apr 13 Letter in support of Assembly Resolution No. AR 2010-92 (independent legal counsel investigation of Sullivan Trust matter) Mar 29 The Full Indictment of David Brian Stone et al Mar 24 "Big Earl" & The Alaska Media-Cartoon Circa 1979 Mar 22 PLEASE READ & PASS ON: The Benefits of Health Care Reform In Alaska! Mar 21IMMEDIATE BENEFITS UNDER THE ACT THAT JUST PASSED! Mar 7 E-Mail From A Citizen On The Sullivan Insurance Boondoggle Feb 20 RAY METCALF TO PAUL LAIRD & DAN FAGAN: LET'S DEBATE, ANYTIME; ANYWHERE! Feb 17 Excerpts From "The Power Elite" C. Wright Mills (c) 1956 Feb 2 A Note on Republicans and Obama Hatred. Jan 22 THE CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS OF WASILLA MAKE SCOTUS 'FREE SPEECH' DEMANDS--OF THE ALASKA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION! Jan 21 Note to Erick Cordero's 'Future of Politics' Mock-Up; Enterprise Concept-CASH-IN ON SCOTUS UNLIMITED CORPORATE SPEECH DECISION! Jan 21 Summary of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Jan 20 THE WORLD-WIDE WEB IS AT WAR! Jan 15 Senator Lisa Murkowski: Give Back The Money! Jan 4 A CURSORY REVIEW OF PARNELL PRESS RELEASES & ASSOCIATED QUESTIONS FOR TOMORROW'S "TALK OF ALASKA" CALL-IN WITH SEAN PARNELL Jan 4 SAVING THE ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS: A TECHNOLOGY-BASED PARADIGM SHIFT FOR NEWSPAPERS

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