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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The following is a list of 2 years of notes and commentary that I have posted on Facebook. In going over this list--as part of my garage cleaning in preparation for shutting down--I realize a few things: I have a lot to say and I put in a lot of work saying it and Facebook sucks as a medium of serious expression. The fact that FB notes does not permit rich text is one example of FB's limits. I pasted the formatted text into this box and voila! no formatting, unless I want to waste an hour putting in html tags. No thank you. :(

My very first post on FB was a note about our servile relationship to technology and the law; in this case: leaf blowers. I had some photos of contract lawn maintenance workers at Wells-Fargo leaf-blowing in the rain! And there were no leaves! WTF? I asked. Response: it's in the contract. In other words: we are legally obligated to behave stupidly.

My favorite post was April 2009 on When Life Is Only Sacred In The Womb: The Folly of Life as a Political Abstraction. Harriet and I attended a Planned Parenthood Awards Banquet at the Hilton and we had to negotiate a picket line from the Fetus Cult. This post constituted my thoughts on the matter.

My bravest post was on September 13, 2008 when I stood outside the newly opened Dena'ina Center at 7 AM facing hundreds of Palin Supporters welcoming their favorite daughter home after two weeks of non-stop media exposure. I was alone, holding a sign next to the entrance where people had to file past me to get in. My sign said STOP THE McCAIN-PALIN LIES! I memorialized my experience.

My dumbest post was an attempt to rally my friends for International Talk Like A Pirate Day using the likeness of Sister (Mother) Angelica, a Nun wearing an eye-patch and a snarl. I was later informed that Sister Angelica had suffered from a stroke, lost her sight in the eye with the patch and snarl was muscular atrophy. I ate a HARRRty dose of humble pie for that one.

My most frustrating piece was a December 8th post--on my Birthday--countering a Compass piece by Dan Sullivan. I was frustrated that no one in the opposition seemed to be aggressively challenging Sullivan. He is wrong on the economics and wrong on the history and simply wrong on the budget assumptions that was driving what promised to be a disastrous fiscal plan for the City. Bringing in a budget $10 M under the cap was just plain wrong. Of course history has proven me right. Woop-de-doo.

My least understood note was 12 Dialectical Precepts for a Meditation on the Future of Alaska that I posted October 2009. Silly rabbit.

Most fun was had with a piece simply titled "Mosquitoes" that ran July 3, 2009.

But the best post is this one. My last one.

Miigwetch y'all

Goodbye to Facebook...Jun 6, 2010 My Sympathy Note to Jill Burke of "Palin Watch" (Alaska Dispatch)May 15, 2010 Comments on KTVA website accompanying Sarah Palin's Fox video feed, which they dutifully post Apr 28, 2010 On Muster, McVeigh, Bullies, & Chutzpah Apr 20, 2010 Letter in support of Assembly Resolution No. AR 2010-92 (independent legal counsel investigation of Sullivan Trust matter) Apr 13, 2010 The Full Indictment of David Brian Stone et al Mar 29, 2010 "Big Earl" & The Alaska Media-Cartoon Circa 1979 Mar 24, 2010 PLEASE READ & PASS ON: The Benefits of Health Care Reform In Alaska! Mar 22, 2010 IMMEDIATE BENEFITS UNDER THE ACT THAT JUST PASSED! Mar 21, 2010 E-Mail From A Citizen On The Sullivan Insurance Boondoggle Mar 7, May 15 My Sympathy Note to Jill Burke of "Palin Watch" (Alaska Dispatch) Apr 28 Comments on KTVA website accompanying Sarah Palin's Fox video feed, which they dutifully post Apr 20 On Muster, McVeigh, Bullies, & Chutzpah Apr 13 Letter in support of Assembly Resolution No. AR 2010-92 (independent legal counsel investigation of Sullivan Trust matter) Mar 29 The Full Indictment of David Brian Stone et al Mar 24 "Big Earl" & The Alaska Media-Cartoon Circa 1979 Mar 22 PLEASE READ & PASS ON: The Benefits of Health Care Reform In Alaska! Mar 21IMMEDIATE BENEFITS UNDER THE ACT THAT JUST PASSED! Mar 7 E-Mail From A Citizen On The Sullivan Insurance Boondoggle Feb 20 RAY METCALF TO PAUL LAIRD & DAN FAGAN: LET'S DEBATE, ANYTIME; ANYWHERE! Feb 17 Excerpts From "The Power Elite" C. Wright Mills (c) 1956 Feb 2 A Note on Republicans and Obama Hatred. Jan 22 THE CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS OF WASILLA MAKE SCOTUS 'FREE SPEECH' DEMANDS--OF THE ALASKA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION! Jan 21 Note to Erick Cordero's 'Future of Politics' Mock-Up; Enterprise Concept-CASH-IN ON SCOTUS UNLIMITED CORPORATE SPEECH DECISION! Jan 21 Summary of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Jan 20 THE WORLD-WIDE WEB IS AT WAR! Jan 15 Senator Lisa Murkowski: Give Back The Money! Jan 4 A CURSORY REVIEW OF PARNELL PRESS RELEASES & ASSOCIATED QUESTIONS FOR TOMORROW'S "TALK OF ALASKA" CALL-IN WITH SEAN PARNELL Jan 4 SAVING THE ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS: A TECHNOLOGY-BASED PARADIGM SHIFT FOR NEWSPAPERS

Dec 29 Come To Harriet's New Year's Eve "Pre-Party" Before You Seriously Rock Out of 2009 Dec 21 All Hail Queen Esther: Ruler of America's Pity Party Dec 20 The Prayer for Attracting Auspicious Signs Dec 15 When Life Is Only Sacred In The Womb: The Folly of Life as a Political Abstraction Dec 13 90 Days of Shazaam Tags: The List Dec 8 RESPONSE TO DAN SULLIVAN'S COMPASS PIECE, December 8, 2009 Dec 7 Obama, the anti-Churchill? Dec 3 Count down to Copenhagen ... 4 days! Contact Andrea Sanders (FB Message) Dec 3 A Clash Of Visions for Anchorage Nov 26 Thanksgiving and Juanita Nov 19 ADP: MOTIVES BEHIND CITY ATTORNEY’S REPORT ANALYSIS QUESTIONABLE Nov 19 On Playing the "Beating Your Wife" Game Where The Puck Isn't: A Mixed Metaphor For Stupid Political Games Nov 17 Time for some Palintology Nov 10 JUANITA LAUESEN HELMS- Obituary Nov 3 Ambassador Alvarez's Visit to Alaska Nov 2 Mother of all Carry Trades Faces an Inevitable Bust Nov 1 Winter Poetry Oct 19 Public Option Vs "Private" Insurance Made Easy... Oct 15 Response To The Sender of An Anti-Obama 'Viral' Email *UPDATE* Oct 7 12 Dialectical Precepts for a Meditation on the Future of Alaska Oct 6 BRING BACK THE STATE INCOME TAX, RESTORE REVENUE SHARING & CUT RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TAXES! Oct 6 CLEANING OUT MY BACKPACK... Sep 29 Flowers of Spring Do Die Sep 29 Editor, The Arizona Republic Sep 28 Republicans Wink At Potential Domestic Terrorism While Falsely Accusing Obama of Weakness Abroad! Sep 21Questions You Are Asked When Applying To The Benedictine Order of White Robed Monks... Sep 20The Year in Hate: Number of Hate Groups Tops 900 Sep 20 A Tribute To Sister (Mother) Angelica and My Foolish Use of Her Photo... Sep 17Autumn Splendor Sep 16 Texas State Board of Education Wants To Mandate A Conservative Historical Revisionism Sep 10 COMMENT DEADLINE: 5 YEAR PROGRAM FOR OUTER CONTINENTAL SHELF DEVELOPMENT Sep 7 My Synopsis of President Obama's Speech To America's School Children in 8 Brief Paragraphs... Sep 7 Now You, Too, Can Argue Like A Conservative Pundit! Sep 6 Alaska's Apartheid Sep 2 Right-Wing Inspired Hate Crimes Against Latinos; I Wonder About the Identical Type of Violence Against Native Alaskans Here Sep 1 "Can You Hear Me Now?" A Few Studies on Cell Phone-Induced Cancer and Related Phenomena. Aug 28 My Letter to the Editor of Rex Rammell's Hometown Newspaper Aug 21 Message from Eric Seitz, attorney regarding Leonard Peltier's Parole Denial Aug 21 Peltier Parole Denied! Aug 14 meng's mountain Aug 12 Letter to the Editor: Investors Business Daily Aug 2 The Parable of the Water Tank (1897) Jul 24 Advice on Friends (Facebook and otherwise) Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo. Jul 21 Leonard Peltier Solidarity Broadcasting Live and Streaming Jul 17 Thinks Conservatives Should Quit Complaining About "Cap and Trade " & Apologize For Their "Tax Cap" Disaster! Jul 3 BEWARE THE HUBRIS-NEMESIS COMPLEX Jul 3 On Mosquitoes Jun 29 IRS Issues Tribal Economic Development Bond Guidance Jun 25 Friends of Sanford: The Club For Growth--Right-Wing Ball Busters Jun 4 A Contrarian's Take On Ronald Reagan... May 31 It's All About Balance: The 'White Guy' Fulcrum Vs A Latina Fulcrum May 28 Attacking Judge Sotomayor Apr 30 When Life Is Only Sacred In The Womb: The Folly of Life as a Political Abstraction Apr 27 2004 Story on Computer Modeling Viral Epidemiology Apr 24 A Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth? Apr 13 Sarah To Alaska: "SCREW YOU!"; Campaign Trip During Closing Days of Legislature Slammed by Dems & Mat-Su Leaders Apr 8 Ted & Justice: Reflections on the Reign of Terror of Ken Starr Apr 1 Ted & God Mar 31 From The American Prospect: WHOSE AFRAID OF THE NEW MEDIA? Mar 29 The Anonymous Political Blogger in Alaska V Doogan's Thin-Skin Mar 28 Sarah's Shameless Sham: Rhetoric Trumps Human Need, Response To Presidential Candidate Palin's ADN Column Mar 28 Which Is Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA)'s Fave Britney Song? Mar 27 Legislature & Denali Commission Step In to Fill Alaska's Leadership Void as Palin Runs for President Mar 25 Municipal Assembly Takes A Pound of Flesh From School District Last Night Mar 17 AIG Capitalist Conundrum Nothing New To Victims of the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill Mar 16 Alaskans Experience Don Young... Mar 5 "I have never seen such ineptness in our GOP leadership" RNC Member on Michael Steele Mar 3 ALASKA STIMULUS-PRELIMINARY Feb 26 Clarence Dullman Thomas & Pope Scalia and the Conservative-Doms of the Supremicist Court, Rule Against Tribes... Feb 25 Look At This Upcoming Agenda for the Conservative Political Action Committee Feb 23 Even as The Daily News Declines, There is Great Writing to be Found! Feb 21 The History of the Internet Feb 21 Blaine woman trying to get anti-evolution initiative on state ballot Feb 15 Resurgent Republicans Are Beltway Hallucination.... Feb 4" Begich says stimulus bill could create 8,700 Alaska jobs" by Dermot Cole Feb 4 My Email To Rachel Maddow Feb 2 House GOP’s Stimulus Plan Would Actually Raise Taxes For Many! Feb 2A Semi-Defense of Blagojovich Jan 22 Statement of President Obama on the 36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Jan 4 A Balanced View of Isreal's Actions Is Badly Needed! Jan 2 Republicans to flee D.C. for Inauguration

Dec 23 Review Minnesota Senate Ballots for Yourself! Dec 19 Some raw thinking about the value of labor and Union contracts Dec 13 Memo to Sarah Palin: Here is how a real Governor acts... Nov 5 What I Thought About Listening to Barack Last Night... Sep 18 A Viral eMail Worth Posting Sep 13 My Solo Protest! Sep 12 Obama and the Palin Effect by Deepak Chopra Aug 18 Professor Calvin Broadus, Jr... Aug 16 Did I mention that I HATE leaf blowers. All-Ages & Edited Version


Andy Holleman said...

Your evaluation of Fb as a medium for posting complex thoughts is right on.....but that's sort of it's grace as well. It is poor as a vehicle for email or chat or organizing groups. It's great only because people are on it anyway for a host of reasons. I can't remember the connection that caused me to stumble across your commentary on Assembly meetings....but it was quite a find, and not one I was likely to make any other way.
Thus, unless you're really trying to purify yourself, I hope you'll use it for quick quips and notices, with a link to your blog. Stay in the general mix of conversation, and don't make us trek out to your house to see what you might have put up lately.
But that's just me. We'll keep an eye out for you.

Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.