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Monday, September 26, 2005

FEMA WAS SURE READY FOR HURRICANE FRANCES... month before the election in 2004!

Read about it from FEMA's own Press Release

A reasonable person could conclude that two very important factors differentiate the Hurricane Frances preparedness from the Hurricane Katrina disaster:

1. Hurricane Frances was expected to touch down in Florida, the state governed by the president's brother.
2. The timing was 1 month before a presidential election.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the Right-Wing of America, who are so capable of manufacturing stunning conspiracy theories about everyone from the Illuminati to the "Murder of Vince Foster", become so child-like and innocent when it comes to the excretia of the machinery of the White House Turd Blossom.

How can one NOT look at the facts above and come to the reasonable conclusion that George W. Bush can care mightily about one place at one time but not give a damn about another place at another time?

We can now add to our list of "race, class, and political affiliation" of possible elements contributing to Katrina negligence, two new elements: the lack of a family relationship to the president and the absence of a political campaign cycle.

By the way, I heard on the radio today that the Generals who were briefing Bush at the Texas Air Base where the president was "visibly observing" Hurricane Rita, now charcterize the Katrina response as a "Train Wreck" because "... a call would go out for rescue and 5 Blackhawk helicopters would respond to rescue 1 person from a rooftop..."

I see...the problem with Katrina response was too many resources, but poorly coordinated...

By the time the White House Ministry of Propoganda completes it's makover of the events of the Storm, we will be calling this a 'friendly-fire' incident in the War on Terrorism and cease our endless carping on the poor Commander-in-Chief...


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Anonymous said...

I wonder why there hasn't been more about this on the news!

Anonymous said...

Well said... good blog...Mark Crispin recommended it!